Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Health And Wellness Fair, November 2

Morning Glory Yoga Studios will be hosting a Health and Wellness Fair on Friday, November 2, 2007.

A variety of speakers and natural health care practitioners from the Piney Woods area will be present to answer questions and provide useful information regarding services available to you. There will be demonstrations and speeches on various topics on the ½ hour beginning at 3pm. There will also be drawings for door prizes throughout the event.

Featured guests will include:

Chiropractors: Luquette Chiropractic Clinic, Treacy Hagan, DC, and Debra White, DC.
BioSet Practioner, Kathy Stevens, ND.
Iridologist, Edith Mitchell.
Massage Therapists: Body Logics Massage Clinic, OmShanti Massage Studio.
Reflexologist, Carolyn Box
Yoga Instructors: Judy and Jackson Wagnon, MD, and Morning Glory Yoga Studios.
Attachment Parenting Adviser, Jennifer Babisak.
Organic Food Purveyor, Gregory Lide.
Publisher, Pamela Boyd Bombyk of Natural Awakenings Magazine.
Martial Arts Instructor: Master Russell Maness

Presentation Schedule:

3:00 Iridology - Edith Mitchell

3:30 Taekwondo and Self Defense Demonstration - Master Russell Maness

4:00 Tai Chi for Seniors - Terry Courtney

4:30 Attachment Parenting - Jennifer Babisak

5:00 Reflexology - Carolyn Box

5:30 Yoga Demonstration - Kim Kennamer

6:00 Medical Therapeutic of Yoga - Jackson Wagnon, MD

6:30 Wellness Revolution - Treacy Hagan, DC

7:00 Reinventing the American Dream - Brenda Morgan

7:30 The Food Allergy Cure - Kathy Stevens, ND


Thanks to House of Versailles Perfumery, Natural Awakenings Magazine and Story-Wright Printing and Office Supply for their generous support and contributions.


Bobbie said...

Is there a cost for this day? Hope you are doing well :)

Morning Glory Yoga Studios said...

The event is free! Thanks.

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