Thursday, November 20, 2008

Free Prenatal Yoga Class Preview

Morning Glory Yoga Studios will be offering a free Prenatal Yoga class preview to expecting mothers and to medical practitioners. This class will give women of various stages of pregnancy an opportunity to experience the benefits of a yoga class designed specifically for her and her baby’s changing needs.

Please join Amy Sanford, studio owner and class instructor, November 20, 2008, 7:00-8:30pm in a soothing and safe environment ideal for any stage of pregnancy and forming relationships with other women sharing the wonder of pregnancy.

Strengthen body and mind while addressing common discomforts of pregnancy through stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques. Mothers will be empowered with deeper awareness and acceptance of a changing body and mind as she prepares for birth.

Please consult with your doctor before attending. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a bottle of water and allow at least 1 ½ hours between dinner and class. If you are required to eat later please have a light meal.

Pre-registration for a new prenatal class is now available. Call 936.715.9909 or 936.668.6882 for more details.

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